Wahooo for Wacom

M&a is thrilled to announce that the management at Wacom have decided to sign on the dotted tablet to retain the creative marketing services & expertise of M&a. Wacom made the announcement after lengthy strategic discussions with M&a and a series of successful projects.

Wacom, the brand synonymous with revolutionary pen and tablet technology is seeking accelerated growth over the coming 12 months as it continues to expand as a consumer brand. M&a will seek to highlight the creative foresight that defines Wacom’s products throughout product launches in the coming year.

This announcement is hot on the heels of M&a producing the media launch of Wacom’s latest release; the Intuos4 tablet series. M&a chose the InterContinental’s Etch Restaurant to host Sydney’s creative media for an elegant event. The afternoon was a great success with the focal points of creativity and artistry coming to life as Chef Justin North’s tantalized guests with his signature Amuse Bouche selection. North proved to be a master at using creative cuisine to showcase the truly innovative Intuos4 product range.

Phil Simmonds, M&a Business Development, is looking forward to new product launches for Wacom in the years to come, saying “M&a loves Wacom’s products; now it’s time to engage consumers so that they too can benefit from the Wacom experience”.