Tune in to our Marketing predictions for 2015

Have you found your groove for the year ahead?

To help you get in rhythm for 2015 we have prepared a playlist on spotify with some songs that get us moving. It’s the heartbeat of M&a so have a listen and let us know which song gets you moving or suggest one to add to the list.

The year is already off to a cracking pace so we want to help you get tuned in to the trends we believe will make difference to your marketing goals in 2015.

Marketing trends to watch in 2015

The business market is beginning to see further fragmentation as consumers explore more diverse and interesting options to engage. Look to see Social Media further mature and therefore see a dropping off in interest of the bigger (and now commercial) players such as Facebook and Twitter by younger demographics. For marketers this will make social listening tools more important. We will see further evolution in digital platforms designed to communicate with audiences across this landscape through single interfaces. Niche customer service apps, eDMs aligned to a customer’s lifecycle and the use of digital tools such as on-site chat will become more prevalent.

Immersive experiences and mobile engagement are key as event attendees seek to evolve from the observer to active participants; it’s all about how and when they want to engage. With this we will see a move to mobile events guides and tools rather than print, providing constant accessibility to information and real-time changes. Continuing on with the trend of consumer-brand interaction we will see more events leading towards the creation of 3D interactive landscapes through projection mapping and virtual reality technologies and maybe even 3D printing and drones.

Contact Centre:
To drive successful lead generation engagements in 2015, Omnichannel strategies are key. No longer is voice the sole channel to deliver quality results. Integrated with eDM, SMS, CRM and Data activities, lead generation voice calls gain their strength from the insights measured from these channels before the outbound call is made.

Marketing Technology:
Batch and send emails will continue to fade away and into true automated campaigns and evergreen nurture streams. Some may even venture into trialing predictive lead scoring. Marketers will decide to confront their data woes head-on, realising that it is the first step in delivering positive ROI and ultimately, pipeline to sales. Sales and Marketing teams will collaborate on CRM implementations and optimisations to truly gain insights into their business.

A return to focus on the underlying message or story will bring the best returns as content marketing continues to surge. The platforms for delivery should ultimately support the story and that story should be single-minded for maximum effect.

Take a look back at the hits of 2014

1. Over 50 events executed in 2014, concluding with a massive vForum 2014 boasting 2 full days at Luna Park Sydney before hitting the road to visit 7 cities across Australia and New Zealand.
2. BT Global Services, CommScope, Dell Malaysia, Fujitsu, HP Singapore, Intralinks, Pure Storage, Splunk & Think Education were welcomed to the M&a family.
3. M&a’s Contact Centre saw a fantastic amount of growth in 2014, with employee numbers doubling thanks to many exciting new clients, growth of our valued existing clients and overall strength in delivering impressive results across our range of services.
4. M&a’s Digital and Marketing Technology services receive a boost with the arrival of Quaetapo in the role of Digital Director and Rachelle Kerr in the role of Marketing Technology Director.
5. Our multi-segment Navman Wireless campaign scored a finalist spot in the 2014 ADMA AC&E Awards.

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