3 catering styles to tickle your tastebuds in 2015

Author: Molly MacDiarmid, M&a Events Assistant

Food may not be the reason we attend events but it sure can effect how much we enjoy the overall experience, 2015 is all about engagement, creation and infusion of flavours.

shutterstock_1651700721. Grazing stations

Everybody loves canapés, but how about a table overflowing with an assortment of flavours and aromas for your next cocktail party or networking event?

With options from antipasto, breads, cheese, fresh from the BBQ or even mixing and matching cuisines, your guests are sure to be impressed. The smorgasbord of food provides a casual way for guests to interact without the need for immediate introductions and can also provide a new level of theming. Grazing stations are a wonderful addition to visually enhance your event and simultaneously appeal to the different tastes of your crowd.

shutterstock_293554962. Pairing cocktails and canapés

Miniature has been popular for a long time, but how about pairing a miniature burger with a miniature beer?

This is a new twist on a classic, taking the traditional matching of wine with you meal to a whole new level. Whether it is tacos and tequila, burgers and beer or quiche and wine, the options are endless and relatively simple to pull together. Get your guests excited for each “course” and add a little extra flare to your event.

shutterstock_2310176863. Customisable food and beverage bars

In 2015 customisation is king, we all love when we feel like the event was made just for us. Well a customisable food bar gives each and every attendee the chance to create their own delicious concoction.

Events around the world have had doughnut decoration bars, cocktail creation bars, baked potato-filling bars…the list really does go on. What’s exciting about this is you get to create your own experience for your guests…get creative and get your guests interacting. It’s all about back to the basics and bringing about a little childish fun too.

Bon appetite and happy creating (and catering!)…