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Well you wouldn’t believe some of the things we’ve stumbled across this week, from Disturbing Facebook statistics to giant shrines to “Matt” it’s all in a days work for the team at M&a. From the inspiring to the disturbing it’s a crazy old world out there and M&A are here to document it. Come on the journey into the wild and wonderful world that is Marketing and Advertising and see it through the eyes of M&a. Stay tuned for an interview and feature article on M&a’s newly appointed Creative Director Glenn Whitehead.
Oh Now this is Disturbing!

A social media survey into the habits of Australians and their activity on Social Media has uncovered some disturbing results! Some Aussies (2.8% to be precise) would stop during an “intimate moment” to respond to a Facebook update or a tweet. It isn’t surprising to note that 64% of them are men! 885 people aged between 18 through to 70 and beyond were survey and the results are startling! Other results include 3.2% have admitted to stopping and using Facebook in a “Place of worship”. This really does make you stop and wonder how on earth did we cope without the modern day necessity that is Facebook!

For a full look at the disturbing statistics from this survey take a look at

Written by Sally Jordan-Watt information and article sourced from mumbrella
So you think you can Facebook?

Brands and Marketers even those of the top names such as google, Microsoft and Starbucks are struggling to derive value from their Facebook presence. According to a new study by Forrester Research the survey of over 500 United States and European marketing professionals found that most were failing to use Facebook to its full potential. This is apparently due to a lack of focus an understanding of Facebook, the resources available on it and its measurements.

One of the giant face’s of Social Networking, Shona Mackin, who is chief engagement officer of the Facebook agency Socialface, agreed that brands’ Facebook pages were often neglected.This emphasises that building a Facebook presence is a long-term process as explained by Shona Mackin

“It’s not about creating a great looking logo, or a running a one-off campaign – things that traditionally marketers have been excellent at. It’s about having a conversation, being social, and demonstrating that you’re a company worth doing business with.”

And with saying this to all you employees who are secretly on Facebook during work time hours or even those who have convinced their co-workers/boss that it is for the benefit of the company, get off Facebook and do some proper work with statistics behind it that show that your a benefit to your place of work.

Written by Edward Quant with information and image sourced from Adnews

Custom Paper Toy Creations

If you love paper creations as much as i do check out these paper creations that i stumbled across. They are colourful creations from a Missouri based Artist, Matt Hawkins, who has been dabbling in paper creations since 2007. He is featured in this months Creative Review (UK issue) and you just can’t help but love his work. Find the full article at and if you really love what you see you can follow Matt at

Coke It’s everywhere
The share a coke campaign that sees peoples names being put on coke bottles has been a phenomenal success. Weather you love it or loath it Ogilvy is onto a good thing. There really is no escaping it. The latest addition is this giant billboard at Kings Cross. I couldn’t help taking a Snap on my way home yesterday.

Bringing Social Media to your events

Boy did we find a little Gem in this article. There’s no escaping social media these days so the best thing to do is embrace it. As explored earlier in the blog if used the right way social media can reap many benefits for your company and your clients. Have a look at how you can bring social media to your event through this article from Linkedin.