Sybase: To Infinity And Beyond.

As Keynote speakers Dr Glenn Singleman & Heather Swan told their inspirational stories which involved climbing up and then base-jumping from the highest cliff in the world (Mt Meru, India, 6604m) delegates were left reaching for the stars. Glenn and Heather’s ‘never give up’ philosophy set the tone for the entire event with 289 delegates, 17 speakers, 16 presentations, 3 case studies, 2 live demos and a special guest keynote that impressed like no other before it – the 2011 Sybase Summit was a huge success.

Sybase’s vision of the ‘Unwired Enterprise’ was explored, where business-critical information can be securely moved back and forth from the data center to the end device, and delivered to the right person, anytime, anywhere. Continuous Intelligence was revealed to be the constant analysis of critical data, providing deeper insight into live data on markets, transactions, customers and operations, for competitive edge. In the afternoon, breakout presentations were structured around the ability of our customers to manage, analyse and mobilise their information with Sybase.

All with a happy client in tow: “the day went marvelously, I have had lots of good feedback. Pat & Nicole worked tirelessly, I really appreciate all the support and hours they put in to give Sybase a fantastic event. Many thanks to all the team in fact at M&A, everyone loved the look and feel of the event as well as how well organized it was.”

Rocket to the moon once again M&a. Big up’s!

Check out some snaps from the event-