Social Media Management

The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) recently released ‘best practice’ guidelines for brands on social media ( ). In light of this we decided to create an article on social media (SM) management.

To successfully and effectively monitor SM campaigns you must first establish exactly why they need to be monitored.  It’s also imperative to fully understand the brand involved and the language people use when discussing this unique brand, (especially when they are limited to just 140 characters).

A Good SM monitoring tool allows you to listen, analyse, engage and evaluate.  It should also grant multiple admin users access to link the company  via Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google Analytics.

Some of the more popular social media tools are HootSuite, TweetDeck, Posterous and Bitly.
Key Features to look for:

Dashboard Interface – Providing high level analysis. 
Syndication Functionality – Of all social media mentions / conversations. 
Feed Monitoring – Especially from Twitter and LinkedIn. 
Scheduling Tool – Create and schedule status updates. 
Suggestions Tool – Who to follow? Based on past interactions. 
Reporting Tool – Covering follower status, engagement and traffic levels.

The Facebook component of our recently launched Dental Care Network (DCN) Website  has been particularly successful; regular posts on the DCN Facebook Page in conjunction with a supporting digital media advertising campaign has manifested into a ‘Social Hub’ where DCN can connect and liaise with the community in a fun and meaningful way.