Scott Loves What He Does.

It is difficult to get a grasp of how a company really runs. What do the clients experience? How do the staff communicate? And what impression does the business leave on those who have dealings with it? Well, when your boss is Scott McCorkell it’s easy!

Congeniality filters down through each tier of his business. A staff member from the next door offices said to me in the elevator “gosh your office sounds fun! We can always hear your boss laughing through the walls.” I am proud to say it is not just our team at M&a that thinks this either.

The following collation of statements speak volumes. Scott Probably wouldn’t even want me to put these comments up, however, I feel they need to be shared. They are not only lovely personal references but they are spot on descriptions of the workings of M&a.


McCorkell & Associates

“I have known Scott over the last two decades where he has provided services to the organisations that I represented. I recommend him and his team to anyone who wants to ensure that the dollar they spend will impact the target audiences in a meaningful way. From the moment you meet with him, you are assured of his experience, breadth of knowledge and scope of the services that he excels in. Money well spent, but also the added value of a business partner dedicated to going beyond the brief and delighting customers with outcomes that are lasting..He also has a keen sense of humour that brings a fresh aspect to the initiatives that he and his team create.”
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable
Don Cooper-Williams
Director, marketing and Alliances Asia pacific at SAS Institute

“Sybase has used Scott and his Team at McCorkell and Associates for the past two years to organise and run the Sybase Summit in Sydney for our customers, partners and prospects. These events had over 200 delegates attend and the events ran like clockwork. Scott and his Team provided very creative themes and ensured each event was a great success.”
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Creative
Dereck Daymond
Managing Director, Sybase

“Scott proved to be a great sounding board for a variety of business development strategies over a number of years and roles. His comprehensive industry contacts and experience provided a wealth of resource and reference along the way. I would recommend Scott to anyone needing an honest and knowledgeable partner in marketing and business development.”
David Spencer , Director , Wacom Australia Pty Ltd

“I worked with Scott for several years and learnt many skills during my time at McCorkell & Associates. Scott has a real passion for technology and marketing. As my mentor (and manager) Scott always provided relevant guidance, support and knowledge to further my career and development.”
Bede Clifton , Business Development Manager , McCorkell & Associates

“Scott is passionate about his work and trying to deliver results to his clients. It’s not about winning awards – it’s about getting the desired results from the campaign, and he has succeeded on many occasions”
Top qualities: Expert , Good Value , Creative
Norman Krieke
Director at Samsung Electronics

“Having worked with Scott on several occasions in different roles, I have seen various sides of the man and his way of working. I count myself a friend and respect his way of doing business, caring for staff and colleagues alike, while offering and seeking accountability. He has a strong and authentic work ethic as well as enabling initiative and encouraging ownership of tasks and achievements. As he often says: any fitter and I’d rust, meaning his attitude to life is a positive affirmation.”
Paul Payten , Operations Manager , McCorkell & Associates

“Scott McCorkell is an interesting mix of all the things that make Australia a great place to do business. He is generous and gregarious by nature. He is an enthusiastic and passionate business leader and he is savvy enough to know how to show the young pups that the old dog still knows a trick or two to get things done. He surrounds himself with talented people who he gives plenty of room to show what they can do.”
Martin Conboy , Director , FooBoo

“Scott runs a very creative, reliable and results driven agency that is a pleasure to work with. Over many years I have engaged the services of M&A for numerous projects at various companies and they have always delivered over and above expectation.”
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Creative
John Biviano
Director, APAC Subscription at Autodesk

“Scott is a professional with great vision for what can be achieved. He is easy to work with because he makes you feel like your business is truly valued and he personally invests himself into projects to ensure objectives are achieved.

Perhaps most importantly, Scott is an all round nice guy!”
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Creative
Aaron Crowther
PR and Communications Manager at EMC

“Scott anticipated what is required and interpreted those requirements into creative output that went well beyond expectation. The result was the Ablaze logo which – even after five years – still stands the test of time. If anyone is looking for creative assistance, I strongly recommend they talk to Scott”
Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , Creative
Rhonda Chandler
hired Scott as a Branding Expert

“I’ve worked with Scott on a number of occasions and always found him to be an astute and professional operator. He runs a great team at M&A, they are original thinkers and are results focused. We also had a lot of fun along the way.”
Glen Fraser , CEO , Euro RSCG Australia

“Mr McCorkell is one of the best bosses i have worked for… A huge charisma at personal level and at a business level, clear headed and decision leader who has a very strong business acumen.”
Ianton Tan , Campaign Manager, APAC , McCorkell & Associates

“It was certainly a pleasure to work for Scott over 4 years.
Scott’s no-nonsense approached demonstrated that successful campaigns can deliver results – Registrations, Sales, Phone Calls, Brand Recall, Appointments – yet, maintain a high level of creativity.

Scott’s love for the Marketing and Advertising industry is undeniable, his ability to forge long-term client relationships is real and his ability to continually evolve his business, both domestically and internally is inspiring.
Nick Smith
Marketing Strategy

“Scott has pioneered IT&T marketing in Australia, dragging brands with little to no profile into the spotlight time and again. Understanding the fundamentals of selling direct or channeling technology to market means Scott also appreciates how valuable it is to have one supplier that can manage everything, from simple leads generation to complex regional events management.”
Samantha Marks
was with another company when working with Scott