M&a Launch a New Service Offering

“Not satisfied with offering a mere 26 services from under one roof, M&a is delighted to announce the launch of our Unified Media platform.” M&a softBook!

Click on our new softBook below – we are designing and developing these for all kinds of clients and reasons! From Newsletters to sales presenters to corporate brochures, Magazines and catalogues. This is the easy way to get someone to view your documents online alleviating the high cost of printing.

Scott McCorkell – Managing Director of M&a commented……

Unified Media we hear you say? It’s the future of marketing and communications – just ask Google!

Our softBook service is capable of converging print, video, voice and data together in a single, simple and powerful solution. At it’s most basic, it offers a visually appealing representation of print documentation that can be accessed online, which can reduce your reliance on paper or help broaden the reach of your print materials into online environments.

At its most sophisticated this simple Corporate Brochure execution could be transformed into carrying TVC’s, voice over, podcasts, flash animation and just about any form of media you can imagine from text to video.

Corporate brochures, annual reports, product brochures, newsletters and even the driest of manuals can be made more engaging, be better absorbed, retained, recalled and responded to when text is supported with video and images. Your response mechanisms can be incorporated directly into the end result and SEO is woven into the very fabric of each piece produced, where needed.

The M&a softBook service offers all the power of a flashy website at a fraction of the cost.

Call us today to find out how on +61 2 9957 3666 (Sydney) or +65 6323 0287 (Singapore)and ask to see the wide variety of examples of different ways the softBook can work for you!

Click here to view the M&a eBrochure

Click here to view the eBrochure M&a produced for Gartner Symposium 2009