iPad – Talk to us and see what we are doing with it!

M&a has utilised the Apple iPad in several amazing ways to improve our clients marketing strategies. At first it was difficult to have our customers see the future benefits of the iPad, however, now (as everyone selects an iPad/iPhone as there preferred device) some of the applications we are developing are really taking flight.

SoftBook.com.au (our page turning technology) is fully ‘iPad ready’ and many clients (such as EMC, AvNet & Orix Fleet Management) have been making the switch from paper to some super impressive, easy to use documents in cloud! We also have developed customer engagement portals, using the iPad, to allow the customers to have there say and gain valuable information- with little more than one click!

At the last Motor Show in Sydney we did so for Lexus. This enabled everyone on the stand to approach a sales person and be sent, via the iPad, all required information for the great range of Lexus cars! We are also now able to offer across ALL platforms Apple/Android/Blackberry etc the ability to take your “Deam App” or the “Next Big Thing-a-Magig” that may transform your organisations mobile marketing, in a simple and amazing new solution.

So, why not call and speak to us about what you would like to do next!

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