It was the year 2000, in New York City, a humble traveler named J Darius Bikoff was on his way to yoga class. He washed down a vitamin-C tablet with a swig of water, the simple mouthful inspired him to transform it into a beverage that changed the beverage industry forever.

After a decade, this amazingly delicious drink has filtered its way through to many different lands. From the United States to Britain, Canada, Portugal, South Africa, Australia, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and China (just to name a few….). Now Vitamin water has trickled through to Singapore.

Vitamin Water was launched on 26th November at ION Sky, the secret observation platform standing at 218m above ground. The night of great celebration was flooded by excitement in that; finally the people of Singapore now too had a taste of the drink that has rocked the world. There was no drought of celebrities or fashionistas at the event. Everyone was impressed and delighted by the splash of color Vitamin Water drenched the scene with.

M&a Singapore’s own stars; Pat & Phil, attended the event as part of the internal team for Vitamin Water. Like vitamins and water, M&a and FMCG seem to also be a perfect pairing.