Hungry for Content?

Author: Glenn Whitehead, M&a Creative Director

Here’s a snapshot of goodness to procrastinate with. If you’re taking a break, grab your warm beverage of choice, and take a few minutes to immerse yourself with these gems.

Professor Scott Galloway Winners/Losers in a Digital Age

Professor Galloway offers a blunt, machine gun presentation on who will be surging ahead and who will be left lagging behind in the quest for digital supremacy. Delivered in May 2014, we are now seeing how many of these predictions are becoming a reality.

The Deck is available here on Business Insider (

Scott Galloway is a professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business and the founder of Firebrand Partners, a Hedge Fund that joined forces with the hedge fund Harbinger Capital in order to force change on the New York Times Co. in 2008. He is also part of a think tank called L2 and an expert on branding, luxury businesses, digital strategy, and the emergence of Asia as a consumer base.

Digital Buzz Blog

Content curation is a necessity today. Blogs like Digital Buzz let us tune into “content channels” rather than painstakingly search out the content we want. Digital Buzz is a goldmine of digital campaigns and activations from around the globe that highlights how creatives are pushing the limits of existing and emerging tech to create audience engagement.


Similar to TED, 99U dishes some great content to hack yourself and your workflow to supercharge your life. Sounds like a healthy dose of spin but being connected 24/7 brings new sets of challenges. As a designer i’ve never worked 9-5. More often a project is fermenting in the grey matter at any given hour (usually an ungodly one) so making small adjustments often results in more focus.

Art and Copy

One for the rainy day, Art and Copy is a great look at some of the iconic campaigns of the US advertising industry told by the creators behind the magic.