How to develop a 360º Marketing Strategy

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From time to time, everyone needs a big change. Some call it a 360° change. Things are turned upside down, back to front, inside out and side to side to make sense of what is needed to keep moving forward. This holistic and informed view, allows you to put it all back together in a logical, practical and strategic way, so your decision on what to do is clear and can move closer to reaching your goal.


Like people, organisations also need a change, a 360° Marketing Strategy to help them achieve their goals. Long gone are the days where siloed departamental area changes, tactical implementations or single projects will continue to individually contribute to the type of change an organisation wants and needs to see. In today’s market conditions, not one factor but many, need to work collectively as one to make a real difference.


A different approach


The list of tactical tools that contribute to any given marketing strategy is endless, but just because they are available, does not mean they should be used without any consideration. Careful planning and execution is still needed to capitalise on every interaction with the customer.  


The goal is straightforward, offer exceptional customer experience. Reach your target audience with the right consistent message, through the right channels and at the right time all the time. Simple, right?


Not really. Only a few organisations have managed to master “the right” solution. With so many variables involved – required expertise and knowledge, workforce, technology and/or time – businesses still struggle to adequately resource a 360° Marketing Initiative. 


Achieving your goals, start by looking at the different tactical tools as a whole and how they interact to provide the same experience for the customer no matter where they are being reached. A 360° Marketing Strategy helps you develop the solution that is right for your customers and for your business. By looking at all the tools you can use and selecting the most appropriate ones to reach your goal a sound strategy will take you where you want to be.


The below tools are some of the areas you should be looking into to create the unique and consistent experience you customers deserve and want:


Content: We focus on establishing our understanding of your marketing ecosystem, existing platforms, toolsets and metric value sets in order to provide informed consultancy,  backed with recommendations that are appropriate to budget, appetite and that can be staged in line with defined priorities.


Events: The static audience event experience is fast becoming a tired concept. Modern audiences want to be immersed in compelling and extraordinary experiences, captivating them and holding their attention. Learn how  AR, virtual and Drive In events are revolutionising every industry.


Creative: The world is not black and white. Let your customers experience the difference while getting the right message across. Let them perceive your brand the way it should be perceived.


Website: One of the most important tools in your marketing mix. Make the interactions with each and every customer count by establishing credibility, providing valuable content, generating leads, increasing sales and more. Be on top of the game.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Be found, be noticed and be on top of your competition. There is nothing more important than position, position, position. Optimised parameters, tags and keywords are only a part of the bigger picture. Master content and technical SEO and stop guessing if your Google ranking is making or breaking your business.


Pay per click (PPC): Easily target your audience and get those needed quick wins. Short term results can also help you reach your objectives.


CRO: Conversion Rate Optimization is the ultimate tactic to increase the conversion rate of your website. With this in mind, it is important to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the website, the business goals and UX.


Social Media: Primarily used when local, regional, national or international reach is what you want to achieve. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform, this is where your targeted audience is hanging around and where you can “easily” connect with them. Every post, like, reply, and comment should serve a purpose. The more specific your strategy is, the more effective the execution will be. Keep it concise. Don’t make your plan so lofty and broad that it’s unattainable or impossible to measure.


Traditional media: Television commercials, radio spots or promotional billboards continue to offer the same features as always. Although no longer the only options available, they maintain the same importance and  360° Marketing Strategies can still benefit from them.


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A 360° Marketing Strategy will tackle head on the demands of your audience. Now more than ever, speed and expertise in every area of marketing is required.  At McCorkell, we have been breaking the mould for decades, but our true strength lies in seeing the convergence of trends, demands and opportunity, just ahead of time.


Our service and production leaders are specialists in their fields, but they also understand the relationship of their core delivery area to every other discipline represented in our business.  That means they ask different questions, spot upstream and downstream gaps and knock on effects that hyper specialised agencies often overlook.


We are ready to help, are you ready for change? Talk to one of our experienced strategists today.