How curiosity helps you thrive in an agency environment

McCorkell’s integrated approach packs a multitude of services under one roof, giving our clients a one-stop shop to engage in the ultimate marketing experience.


With our services made up of Strategy, Marketing Technology, Content, Digital/AdTech, Events, Creative, and Contact Centre, our company is in the unique position for the collaboration on integrated campaigns for our clients. This provides a valuable opportunity for the McCorkellites who work there, not to mention all professionals in the marketing space, connecting with some of the most passionate and talented people in the business.


But passion and talent will only get you so far. What’s the one thing that can instantly connect you with anyone? Curiosity.


It might have killed the cat, but at the very  least it would have piqued its attention first, and after reading Brian Grazer’s fascinating novel “A Curious Mind”, I realised that like other marketing professionals, I had to embrace my own curiosity to connect and learn from my colleagues. A film producer, Grazer’s book explores how his “curiosity conversations” with people across this amazing planet of ours has inspired his work, which includes famed films such as “A Beautiful Mind” and “Apollo 13”.


For my own experience — for all of ours, in fact — agencies provide the perfect environment to employ curiosity as a source of discovery, creativity, motivation and human connection, with a constantly replenishing pool of talent.


Curiosity is a learning process, and accelerated in an agency environment, bringing people with varied and different skill-sets together.

At McCorkell our team is made up some of the world’s most talented creatives, strategists and technologists, to name a few, and this opens up a diverse range of channels to discover new opportunities and knowledge.

Being curious motivates discovery, and this curiosity is heightened in an agency environment, empowering its staff and providing endless learning opportunities.



Curiosity leads to storytelling, and storytelling inspires curiosity, a truly captivating dynamic that we first fall in love with from an early age and never let go.

A fundamental aspect of originality, imagination and innovation, curiosity can help spark a great idea, lifting it from the napkin with which it was scrawled hastily on and turning it into something else. Agencies work with the biggest brands in the world to provide expertise in a specific service, and employing curiosity as a source of creativity has the potential to differentiate your agency and client in a highly competitive environment.

Being curious also fills the gap between what we know and what we want to know, and this couldn’t be more relevant in an agency environment, where different services and people operate collectively, collaborating for the best possible results.



Curiosity can fuel your career and inspire you to strive for more, igniting the motivation to be bigger, better, and ultimately the best. Agencies are part of a bigger community of professionals, and clients, consultants, freelancers, and suppliers are just some of the professionals you will interact with.

As a curious professional, it doesn’t take long to discover the importance of motivation, networking and connecting with these professionals to enable the potential for advancement, not to mention the abundance of excellent learning opportunities.

Human connection

In both an agency and in life, curiosity connects individuals to one another.

Curiosity not only promotes connection, but also cooperation and collaboration, and asking questions and interacting with colleagues and clients of all different backgrounds helps to enhance your perspective and position.

Brian Grazer helped me realise that the more I know about my agency, our clients, and their industries — the more I know about the world I am a part of — the more perspectives I’ll have. And the more perspectives I’m about to understand, the more likely it is that I’ll have a great idea.


Don’t forget that an agency is an awesome social environment that fosters friendships and memories, and this helps to cultivate who we are as people, and who we choose to be as professionals. The interactive and open environment of McCorkell helps every single one of us work closely together, bouncing ideas off one another and connecting, be it at work or after as friends.

Curiosity is a powerful quality and the gateway to independence. When you know more, you can do more, and an agency is the perfect place to learn.