McCorkell Department Spotlight: Contact Centre

Over McCorkell’s 25 years of operation, our business has grown and developed as an agency, responding to the needs of customers by evolving our service offerings throughout the APAC region.


One of the core services that has been with McCorkell since the beginning is that of the Contact Centre, headed by our Contact Centre Director for Asia Pacific, Marc Bindlechner. Marc recently held a webinar on  the topic of McCorkell’s Contact Centre, discussing its services and role in our agency.


In a market where digital is quickly becoming the leading channel for quick and cost effective lead interactions, we’d like to reflect on why McCorkell’s Contact Centre still has a strong standing when it comes to generation of quality leads.


The first point of note is the perception of a Call Centre versus a Contact Centre. No doubt we’ve all been on the receiving end of a call from a heavily-staffed Call Centre: – fast talking agents making high volume calls to a list of individuals they don’t know much about, pushing hard to drive that sale and snare their commission.


As you can imagine, employees in this field tend not to announce their jobs when they arrive at that social barbeque; “I work in a Call Centre” tends to be met with a sour face, a glare, and an overall negative response from those who’ve been on the receiving end of those calls.


McCorkell’s Contact Centre has consistently remained strong by delivering a very clear service to our clients – business to business lead generation.  With over 200 team members across the Asia Pacific region,  we engage prospects with skilled, knowledgeable and multilingual agents motivated by delivering qualified leads, not quantitative call volumes.


This leads to consistency in both agent behaviour and campaign outcomes, seeking new opportunities for our clients to expand their market share and overall customer base. We pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of service, working together in partnership with our clients’ internal teams, and obtaining results with integrity that build trust in our services.


Contact Centre can work in silo with direct telemarketing, or as part of a fully integrated demand generation engine together with the wider selection of McCorkell services, such as Digital, Marketing Automation, Events and more.

Success always starts with clearly defining our client’s goals, followed by reverse calculation of the funnel, recommending conversion metrics at each stage. We understand pipeline and funnel attribution, motivating our teams to work towards our clients’ shared goals.


Agility and flexibility are frequently mentioned by our clients as key requirements from their Contact Centre partner. Combining these qualities with effective campaign strategy, we have worked with everyone from global enterprise corporations to SMBs, and all the way to startups, taking the time to ensure that each client and their  respective campaign is carefully tailored to suit their goals for the region.


Underpinning any execution is quality data. Sourcing the right list, washing databases, and enriching or cleansing data are all critical factors to campaign success.  With access to global databases and quality data mining teams, data services are a key component of what McCorkell offers..


Of course successful interactions also depend on the right agent, selected by skillset, industry knowledge, experience, and native language ability. Our team is split between B2B and B2C skills, and we invest in internal training and progression plans for our agents, resulting in a much higher than standard agent retention rate. This enables us to provide consistent agents for our clients, and collaborate in customised training to drive positive campaign outcomes.


Our year ahead sees a broadening of our services with LiveChat, while Social Selling promises to be a key driver for the new year. We now engage with prospects and customers across these digital channels both inbound and outbound, providing more ways to connect with the right people at the right time in their preferred channel.


If you’d like to get in touch to discuss our Contact Centre services and what we can do for your business, email



The McCorkell Contact Centre Leadership team