Continuity: The Lead Generation Dream

Continuity is defined as “the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over time”, and to a Contact Centre Agent (or any customer facing role) lower down the marketing funnel, this is the dream.


As marketers, our primary focus is to attract, build awareness of a product or service, leading to ROI. Every marketing touch point a potential buyer engages with is extremely critical for a Lead Generator to understand in order to effectively sell. But how often does your marketing team consolidate this information and share it further down the funnel?


Speaking as someone who gets marketed to a lot, whenever I receive a phone call from my favourite sales guy pitching in the latest Contact Centre technology solution, he never seems to know what I have been sent, what marketing campaign I was part of and sometimes he doesn’t even have the details of our last conversation. Step it up Dave!


Being able to contact a prospect with a complete view of their marketing journey and tailor the discussion directly to their interests is challenging, even when you have 12 month’s worth of engagement data. Unfortunately, a lot of salespeople will lead into a conversation with only some basic product knowledge and a standard script , and this puts your business on the back foot from the beginning.


Enabling your team with the right information and data can be so simple and effortless.


If you think about things, it’s a little care package with your marketing and sales strategy, messaging, assets and a detailed timeline for execution, and that’s everything a budding Lead Generator or Salesperson needs to empower them with knowledge and confidence.


Combine this with other insights like eDM tracking analytics and Account Based Marketing training, and your lead generator will feel part of a supportive team culture and will strive for results.


So the next time you send a prospect down the funnel, put the eDMs you sent him in his right pants pocket, have his whitepaper download in his hand, put your marketing presentation in his wallet and don’t forget to give him his briefcase of continuity. You never know, his briefcase maybe full of on-premise information from 2015, and the whitepaper could be the first indicator of a potential interest for his business to transition into a cloud based environment.


But information is not a one way street!


So keeping with the definition of ‘Consistent Existence’, we can’t just want and ask for all this information to be given to us. We measure and forecast success within a funnel, we don’t work in one. Sending information back to our Marketers and Strategists is just as important, helping them shape and drive their future campaigns and ensuring we don’t provide endless on premise expansion/upgrade strategies to someone who is clearly moving in another direction.