Chameleons in The Ivy.

Novell guests stepped out of the Ivy Penthouse elevator’s and were engulfed, for the evening, by the jungle paradise created by the M&a team. Novell’s tenth birthday celebration transported all who attended to another world. Attendees marveled at the terrarium in the shower, complete with two frill neck lizards, and the shark fish that inhabited the marble bath.

The lavish surroundings were further complemented by the assortment of canapés on offer. A live oyster bar was opulently presented, (oyster shucker equipped) along with platters of beef carpaccio, roast lamb cutlets, semolina gnocchi and more. No hunting to keep hydrated around the ivy jungle was necessary; with the Green Apple Tom Collins and Pisco Pomme cocktails, and a selection of wine and beer, flowing like the central waterfall.

The highlight of the night was a beautiful meter long custom made chameleon cake that was so life like one would have been forgiven for confusing it with one of the real reptiles present in the room.

The Tarzan of the event was definitely Helen; who, despite sporting torn ligaments and pulled muscles, continued to be the king, or should we say queen, of the jungle. Along with Helen, the M&a crew (consisting of Cilla, Mel and James) carried the event off with cougar like precision.

Hip Hip Hooray!