Autodesk Solutions Day 2009

M&a has held a long relationship with Autodesk and delivered many campaigns ranging from events to direct mail to lead generation. “Solutions Day 2009” for Autodesk was such a success that Autodesk won an AMI Award for the best B2B Marketing Communications for 2009 Solution Day – “Be Drawn into a new world of Design Innovation”. The event was the first Autodesk launch in 7-8 years and we were seeking to boost their profile with customers and the market in the ANZ region. The goal was to position Autodesk as a thought leader in the design industry and create awareness and a preference for their products. Our objective was to have 350 people at the event. All in all this event was extremely positive. The greatest example of this is the registrations and the attendees. 635 delegates registered for the event and 442 turned up during the day. This is a staggering turn out rate of 70%.

M&a engaged in an extensive venue search to find a venue that was perfect to achieve these goals and objectives. The Powerhouse Museum was chosen due to it’s links with the design world and that it could add a unique aspect to the event. The venue required 6 rooms in total in addition to exhibition space for their partners. This venue was also chosen as they have theatres which were used for the main sessions. This provided a much more comfortable environment for delegates. M&a put together a range of signage for the event which really created brand awareness throughout the day . Also managed by M&a was the audio visual process which involved dealing with high level presenters from overseas bringing their presentation that morning and in strange formats that needed to be converted. This was all managed effortlessly due to the years of experience our events department has in audio visual. Due to the impressive number of delegates in attendance M&a had a contingency plan in place which allowed the main session to be streamed live into another theatre with an accompanying feed of the presentor.
M&a arranged for each session to be filmed which we then edited to use post event in online communications to attendees and non-attendees alike. Overall this event was a complete success.