All eyes were on Trend as the Ring Master of Security at VForum.

Roll Up, Roll Up!

Most Appealing Booth Award; say what! That’s right folks! When our powers combine we create an organised extravaganza!

M&a creative team, comprised of Glenn, Carl and Greg (the ringleader), paired with Helen’s and Cilla’s amazing management skills, resulted in the Trend Micro booth being the most entertaining and popular at this year’s VForum in Sydney. No mean feat!

The highly accredited VMware vExpert sang high praises of the Trend Micro booth and awarded it with the ‘Most Appealing Booth Award’. In reference to the Trend Micro Virtual Carnival theme; “This award recognises the booth that stands out and draws you to it, with so many booths it becomes a blur. Something different must greet the eye.

The award goes to Trend Micro for their appealing Carnival theme, from a distance you could see it wasn’t your ordinary booth. With the space limitations and sundry restrictions placed by event organisers it takes effort to stand out.”

Over 4000 attendees corralled around the Trend Micro spectacle!

Congratulations to Stani from Trend Micro for truly celebrating ‘Security In The Cloud’ with style and creating a fantastical spectacular!

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