M&a acquires Australian Corporate Data

McCorkell & Associates (M&a) has acquired Australian Corporate Data (ACD), the longest established source of high quality business contacts in Australia.

“Adding ACD to our stable of integrated services will give our clients timely access to invaluable information across all of their campaigns,” said Scott McCorkell CEO of McCorkell & Associates. “ACD has direct online access to the Top 5,000 companies and in excess of 43,000 contacts, so will enable any company to build on and gain competitive advantage across any market.”

Specifically developed for sales and marketing the ACD directory was designed for the implementation of B2B marketing campaigns. The data is constantly updated with the addition of new companies and the removal of others. The entire database is updated a minimum of three times each year to maintain the integrity of the data. ACD will allow M&a to develop campaigns for their clients targeting audiences according to geography, industry, annual revenue, gender and number of employees.

“Year on year M&a not only deepens and strengthens our client base and service offering in Asia Pacific, but we’ve also expanded our offerings into the USA,” said McCorkell.

“We are currently on some fairly aggressive growth and development paths for our clients as well as for the expansion of M&a. The acquisition of ACD provides us with a significant market advantage, positioning us strongly as we continue to win new clients and embark on new campaigns.”

About Australian Corporate Data (ACD) 

Australian Corporate Data has been researching Australia’s largest 5000 organisations for more than 20 years. ACD concentrates on Australia’s leading 5000 organisations and has in excess of 40,000 senior management and key decision maker contacts. The Directory is totally independent and without bias towards publication readership or reliant on responses from the researched organisations to ensure accuracy and integrity of the data. The newly released online search system, means that anyone can now run any number of ‘what if’ contact count enquiries as sales/marketing campaigns take shape. The web search system also allows Subscribed customers to run counts and download that contact data anytime they require it.

For more information contact:
Clifford Fairbrass
02 9957 3666